Sam Can You Can

27 Aug 2017

In March this year I ticked one thing off my bucket list – walking the challenging and enchanting Overland Track in Tasmania.  My friend Helen, who walked with me, loves exploring the outdoors and nature’s beauty and has a fabulous eye for photography.  She snapped away as we walked, capturing some incredible shots that gave all the walkers some everlasting memories and a reminder of this life-changing trip.  But these … READ MORE

Singing Changes your Brain

23 Aug 2017

Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.


REALLY getting away from it all!

29 Nov 2016

It’s hard to really “get away” these days. On a recent girls’ weekend, I found it difficult to turn off from my other life as a mum, worker, partner and finder of all things unfindable!  Damn you technology. I love and hate you all at once! I don’t know about you, but I struggle to ignore the phone when it beeps, signalling a facebook post, instagram pic, tweet, text, email, … READ MORE

Sausage Sizzle Bliss

14 Sep 2016

I was working at my son’s AFL sausage sizzle the other night during his training. It’s a happy place – kid’s kicking footys, parents chatting as they watch their kids on the field, the warmth of the BBQ and the smell of onion and sausage drawing the crowds on this wintery August evening.
Young kids practising their good manners and addition skills. “Two sausages on bread with sauce please. Is … READ MORE

Life and Cricket

03 Mar 2016

My boys are cricket mad – the big boy and my two sons. As a consequence, we spent a lot of the Christmas holidays watching, attending and playing cricket. At the beach, at the nets, at the park, in the backyard. My husband even mowed a pitch into our lawn! Yes they are committed. Me – not so much. But I have to love their enthusiasm. My favourite part of … READ MORE

Going out on a limb – A Family Feud Audition

10 Dec 2015

So my family auditioned for Family Feud (FF) this week. I really didn’t want to do it. My sister put our name down two years ago and at that time I actually said no, but she ignored me and did it anyway. As the months passed by I assumed they didn’t want us and forgot all about it. Then six weeks ago we got the call up. Once again I … READ MORE

I love what I do

18 Nov 2015

I love what I do. Does it have to end? Writing, laughing, eating, drinking and storytelling with extraordinary women who four days ago were strangers.

I’m in my happy place. Doing what I love. Bringing people together to have some “me time” to fill their hearts, minds and souls. Sharing stories around the cosy table in the Red Feather Inn, sipping bubbly under the willow tree while eating the freshest … READ MORE

Writing from the Heart

29 Sep 2015

So I’m not much of a writer. I’m more of a talker – just ask my family and friends. But the thing is, I want to be a writer. I have great ideas in my head – pearls of wisdom I’m sure will change the world (well my world anyway), but when I go to write it comes out like – um yeah, you’re great um, good on you! I … READ MORE

Finding Joy – a choir tale

23 Jul 2015

I love the word “joy”. It’s so simple, yet sums up perfectly for me the feeling of great happiness, satisfaction, and a sense that all is right with the world. How often do we really feel this? Let ourselves live in the moment and bask in the joy of what or who’s around us. Last week I found the joy with 13 other amazing individuals. I knew I was going … READ MORE

Trust the Universe

01 Jun 2015

This came to me while I was with Maggie MacKellar and six other extraordinary women on our Writers’ Retreat at Brockley Heritage Homestead in Tasmania from May 22 to 25.

The voice in my head, who or whatever that is, said “trust the universe” .I recall sitting and sweating under the noisy but cooling air-conditioner, looking out to the ever so blue skies on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, turning to Pauline … READ MORE

Welcome to Me Time Experiences

26 Feb 2015

What a wonderful journey 2015 is going to be as Me Time Experiences launches two exciting new events – a writing workshop and a choir retreat. School friendships and stepping out on a limb into the unknown world of choirs saw Sharon and I meet two amazing women – author Maggie MacKellar and singer/songwriter Emma Dean.

Both inspiring in their own ways, Sharon and I wanted to find a way … READ MORE