Chit Chat


Di Morley, 2017

My second Me-Time Experiences Singing Retreat has been even more memorable than my first Retreat in 2015. Singing with like-minded souls, learning complex harmonies, and performing together has been a joy, thanks to Emma and Tony’s wonderful teaching and encouragement. I made new friendships, strengthened existing ones and even found time to enjoy some of Tasmania’s fabulous food and wine thanks to Pauline and Sharon’s great research and organisational skills. A unique retreat that manages to nurture mind, body, and soul.


Christopher Dean, 2017

The Singing Retreat was a retreat in every sense of the word – a wonderful place to get away from it all, affording peace and quiet of mind, mixed with the rejuvenating sounds of singing, camaraderie and companionship.


Helen McIlwain, 2016

Thank you Maggie and Me Time Experiences for an amazing four days. The Writer’s Retreat was so much more than that! You provided a beautiful safe space to allow barriers to be broken down and creativity to be rediscovered. Justin and Chaxi from Brockley Estate were the perfect hosts, providing warmth, kindness and amazing food. I would definitely recommend this experience for anybody wanting to unlock their creative self. For anybody who is well into writing, Maggie has boundless knowledge. Thanks for a great four days.


Lee Rider, 2015

I was so glad I went out on a limb and attended the recent Writer’s Retreat at the Red Feather Inn near Launceston.  With no creative writing experience, Sharon allayed any fears I had and encouraged me to come along and join in as little or as much as I felt comfortable. Naturally, I loved every minute of this retreat, from the luxury accommodation and delicious meals to making new friends and even being taken out of my comfort zone.  The highlight, however, was the valuable time I spent learning the art of writing with the incredible and talented Maggie MacKellar. I would not hesitate to recommend the Me Time Experiences team.  Sharon ran the retreat both professionally and warmly whilst ensuring we were all treated to a first class experience.


Chris Ferguson, 2015

If I imagined the perfect writing retreat, one where I could immerse myself in refining my craft, relaxing and sharing meaningful conversation with others also on the journey that is writing, this would be it. With gratitude to Pauline, Sharon and Maggie.


Caroline Hutton, 2015

Whilst I did not want to load up the weekend with too many expectations, the time and money commitment I had invested meant I did arrive in Hobart with certain hopes that it would prove worthwhile in some way, which wasn’t yet clear to me.

All my dealings with Sharon prior to being picked up from my hotel on Friday has been warm and friendly – including a “welcome to Hobart” text when I arrived! And so…to the weekend itself – how to summarise an experience that had so many elements? The location and accommodation was fantastic, the food just amazing, the workshops purposeful and thought-provoking, and Maggie a lovely, inspiring and gentle author/workshop leader.

By the end of the retreat two wonderful things had happened – new friendships had been forged and all of us were in a different place both in our personal and writing journeys.

Neither of those delightful outcomes were ones I dared to imagine. I am so pleased that I made the bold decision to come to Tassie for this writing retreat. It was an unforgettable experience. Many thanks and much love to Sharon and Maggie and to all the group.


Kate Davies, 2016

The Singing Retreat was an incredible experience and such a special time for my heart, mind and soul. Pauline and Sharon’s efficiency and kind natures made it a relaxing, organised and calming experience. Emma and Tony offered musical knowledge, passion and joy throughout the retreat – a beautiful sister/borther team inside and out! THANKYOU!!!


Ronni Joyce, 2016

Please do yourself a favour and allow yourself a Me Time Experience. It was very good for the soul.


Paula Nutting, 2015

My first “me time” experience and what a great one it was! Beautiful setting for singing in Stewarts Bay Lodge. I met wonderful people. Emma and Tony were fantastic. The whole time completely worked out. Thanks Pauline, this won’t be my last “me time” experience. You made it wonderful