Writers’ Workshops

“What an amazing weekend. Thank you Sharon and Pauline for collaborating with the extremely talented Maggie MacKellar to provide an opportunity to embrace and explore our writing with an awesome group of like-minded people. Your attention to detail was the perfect personal touch to this incredibly fulfilling experience.” Narelle M.

“If I imagined the perfect writing retreat, one where I could immerse myself in refining my craft, relaxing and sharing meaningful conversation with others also on the journey that is writing, this would be it. With gratitude to Pauline, Sharon and Maggie.” Chris F.

“It has helped to deepen my understanding of the structure of writing, but the whole package and attention to detail made the weekend very special. I would say delicious.” Kathleen B.

“It was an extraordinary privilege to laugh, write, review, reflect, cry, drink, eat, rewrite, listen and be in presence with each other over the weekend. The food was delicious, the paella was to die for, the retreat structure was perfectly pitched and the warm fires helped to warm us all. Maggie’s skillful guidance assisted us to hone our craft and transform passages into prose worth reading. Thank you.” Mary D.

“I was so glad I went out on a limb and attended the recent Writers’ Retreat at the Red Feather Inn near Launceston. With no creative writing experience, Sharon allayed any fears I had and encouraged me to come along and join in as little or as much as I felt comfortable. Naturally, I loved every minute of this retreat, from the luxury accommodation and delicious meals to making new friends and even being taken out of my comfort zone. The highlight, however, was the valuable time I spent learning the art of writing with the incredible and talented Maggie Mackellar. I would not hesitate to recommend the Me Time Experiences team. Sharon ran the retreat both professionally and warmly whilst ensuring we were all treated to a first class experience.” Lee R

“I’ve been learning the craft of writing for three years. Every class, workshop and writing guide has assisted in this journey and I always learn something new. An important aspect of writing is to be in a peaceful environment away from home, family and chores. A beautiful retreat encourages relaxation and the flow of thoughts. Mixing with like-minded people and sharing the writing process, stimulates learning and encourages you to persevere.
The Red Feather Inn is a perfect retreat with comfortable, pretty décor, spacious rooms and baths and plentiful, delicious food. The luxuriant gardens have private pockets in which to sit and think and write.Thank you Sharon, of Me Time Experiences,for your thoughtfulness and lively participation, that brought all this together so well. Thank you to Maggie MacKellar, author and person extraordinaire. Your guidance, shared thoughts, expertise and honest input made the writing-workshop component, invaluable.” Carla S

The Writers Retreat I attended in Tasmania was a truly wonderful way to spend some time away from everyday life. I laughed, I cried, I learnt a lot and I met some amazing women! Maggie was fantastic and Sharon was a great organiser as well as great fun. There was a lovely balance between relaxing time alone, time to write and time to enjoy everyone else’s company. Jenny M

Thank you Maggie and Me Time Experiences for an amazing four days. The Writers’ Retreat was so much more than that! You provided a beautiful safe space to allow barriers to be broken down and creativity to be rediscovered. Justin and Chaxi from Brockley Estate were the perfect hosts, providing warmth, kindness and amazing food. I would definitely recommend this experience for anybody wanting to unlock their creative self. For anybody who is well into writing, Maggie has boundless knowledge. Thanks for a great four days. Helen McIlwain 2016

Whilst I did not want to load up the weekend with too many expectations, the time and money commitment I had invested meant I did arrive in Hobart with certain hopes that it would prove worthwhile in some way, which wasn’t yet clear to me.

All my dealings with Sharon prior to being picked up from my hotel on Friday has been warm and friendly – including a “welcome to Hobart” text when I arrived! So it was no surprise when she turned up to the hotel to find her enthusiastic and cheery, buzzing with excitement about the next few days ahead, even when the rest of us were a bit more uncertain.

And so…to the weekend itself – how to summarise an experience that had so many elements? The location and accommodation was fantastic, the food just amazing, the workshops purposeful and thought-provoking, and Maggie a lovely, inspiring and gentle author/workshop leader.

By the end of the retreat two wonderful things had happened:

– New friendships had been forged
– All of us were in a different place both in our personal and writing journeys.

Neither of those delightful outcomes were ones I dared to imagine. I am so pleased that I made the bold decision to come to Tassie for this writing retreat. It was an unforgettable experience. Many thanks and much love to Sharon and Maggie and to all the group.

Caroline Hutton 2016