Going out on a limb – A Family Feud Audition

So my family auditioned for Family Feud (FF) this week. I really didn’t want to do it. My sister put our name down two years ago and at that time I actually said no, but she ignored me and did it anyway. As the months passed by I assumed they didn’t want us and forgot all about it. Then six weeks ago we got the call up. Once again I said no, but it fell on deaf ears. My sister wooed me with talk of wine and great restaurants and a gorgeous apartment in the centre of Melbourne and bonding time with my two sisters and brother – she’d already said yes to the FF producer so it was all a bit of a ruse – but I fell for it!

The thing is, the thought of it actually sounded quite fun, the problem was it was so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn’t focus on the fun element! Why am I so frightened of trying the unknown? The list is endless – rejection, being laughed at, not smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, talented enough………Why do I always go to the “dark” side instead of looking at the positives which are also endless – having fun, meeting new people, learning something new, laughing, letting go and seeing what happens. It was FF for god sake, not a broadway audition (or was it? more on this later).

So we dressed to impress (FF words) and headed to the studio. We had a bit of a wobbly start when we realised that everyone had arrived with a clipboard and a wad of notes! My sister, the team leader, but not a detail person, had failed to download an attachment indicating what to bring! A clipboard, no open toed shoes and elevator stories about your life (funny, interesting, to the point, hence the term elevator). So there was not a clipboard between us, we three sisters all had beautifully painted nails on show for the world to see and no prepared speeches. My anxiety levels went through the roof. I was actually hoping they’d take one look at our strappy sandals and kick us off set, but no luck there! They had clipboards and pens to hand out (they’d done this before), our shoes were overlooked and there was plenty of time to write down funny or interesting life stories.

What a mixed bag of families we were – there were sisters from Chile (gentle, beautiful souls –my favourites), a group of brothers who had no idea but had us all in stiches, a family of Irish dancers, and another group who performed the cup song from Pitch Perfect (yes it was FF not Australia’s Got Talent, but everyone brought their A game). There was even a group of mates who hadn’t got the concept that you had to be family. They had to leave – clipboard, closed shoes and all.

So what did we bring to the FF table? Should we have thrown together a quick broadway number? In the end we just tried to be ourselves (well as much as we could be with stage fright and a few overzealous high fives – first time ever I think I’ve high-fived my brother!) Was it enough? We’re not sure? We’ll find out in the next few months. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. I got out of my comfort zone, laughed all day, learnt something about myself (question time with the producer was like a family counselling session), spent time with some of my favourite people in the world and a great group of contestants who were so warm and encouraging despite being our competitors. We bonded over coffee and our excitement and nervousness. By the end of the day we were exchanging business cards and finding dates for our brother!

The rest of the weekend (as promised) was spent eating, drinking and regaling the details of our experience. So my weekend of dread turned into an amazing time. I’m so pleased I did it. I’m even sort of proud of myself for not letting the negative talk stop me (as I can be prone to do). Thanks to my sister for pushing me in to it. And thanks to me for doing it! Pauline

PS – As I’m posting this, we got the call up. Filming February 2016. Breathe Pauline, Breathe!!

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