Trust the Universe

This came to me while I was with Maggie MacKellar and six other extraordinary women on our Writers’ Retreat at Brockley Heritage Homestead in Tasmania from May 22 to 25.

The voice in my head, who or whatever that is, said “trust the universe” .I recall sitting and sweating under the noisy but cooling air-conditioner, looking out to the ever so blue skies on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, turning to Pauline and saying, “let’s do this”.

Like-minded people coming together around a common passion – how hard can that be? Yes we can, no we can’t, do we really want to, of course we do, are we sure, yes we are, are we really sure? And that voice in my head said “I told you, just do it”.

The shiny, glossy flyer landed on my desk – Writers’ Retreat with Maggie MacKellar. I picked it up, let out a little scream and a tear.  I was so proud and excited! Our vision and conversations had come to life.  I laughed as that voice in my head said, “I told you, trust the universe”.

Seven not ordinary but extraordinary women – because I do not do ordinary and that is what the universe delivered – attended the retreat and took us on a journey that warmed our hearts, played with our minds and replenished our souls. All above and beyond my expectations.

Thank you to these beautiful women for being brave, open and sharing their stories, talents and craft and joining us on this very special Me Time Experience. And to Maggie, without whom none of this would be possible, thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us.

I look forward to following each individual journey, wherever and whatever that may be……..


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