Life and Cricket

My boys are cricket mad – the big boy and my two sons. As a consequence, we spent a lot of the Christmas holidays watching, attending and playing cricket. At the beach, at the nets, at the park, in the backyard. My husband even mowed a pitch into our lawn! Yes they are committed. Me – not so much. But I have to love their enthusiasm. My favourite part of the summer of cricket is listening to their conversations around cricket and my sons’ absolute belief that one day they will make the Australian cricket team. Tom’s a bowler – the next Mitchell Johnson and Jack’s a batter – similar style to Shane Watson apparently. There’s a five year age gap between my boys, so they’re not sure they’ll be in the Australian team at the same time, but Jack says he’ll put in a good word (or not depending on the day) for Tom. “They earn a lot of money too mum”, says Tom, “so I can buy you a beautiful house at the beach and my Ferrari can be parked downstairs.” Bless him!

I love that at this point in their lives they are full of dreams they believe will come true. And why not? When and why do we stop believing that anything is possible? Because we didn’t make the A team at school? We’re told it’s not “reality” to think like that? We’re encouraged to make sensible choices around career – follow our head, not our hearts? My personal favourite – better to recognise your limited talent and give up now to save heartache in the long run! Sure, at some point you may need to move on, but what about living in the right now. I wanted to be a professional singer, but one too many rejections knocked me out!!

So we put away our passions and childish dreams and we lead our life – not a bad life. It can be filled with love, joy, excitement and everything in between. But sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I taken the road less travelled? I will certainly be encouraging my boys to follow their dreams. Give it all they’ve got and see where it takes them. Yes, that makes me nervous. I don’t want to see them heartbroken or struggling for work (they may end up living with me forever!!), but if they’re following their passion, that has to be a good start. Who knows where it will lead – maybe to the Australian cricket team or something else along the way. Fear of rejection is never a good reason not to do something – life lesson 101 in our house! 102 is resilience, but that’s a whole other blog. As I turn 50 this year I have made a promise to myself to reintroduce those passions in to my life that have taken a back seat to having a family, working etc, etc – I already sing with a gorgeous choir, Cheep Trill, but I’d like to add a few more singing engagements to my calendar. I start guitar lessons next week (excited) and I’m looking in to musical theatre. Who knows, it could be the beginning of something exciting (as long as I can live with the occasional rejection – I didn’t say I’d mastered this life lesson). I’ll keep you posted!

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