Do you long for the chance to do something just for you?

Where you can focus on a passion that makes you happy?

Somewhere you can laugh, learn and be part of something that will make your heart and soul sing?

Most of us do!

Sometimes we want to do it alone, but other times we want to be with like-minded people who “get us” and our crazy ideas or passions – whatever they may be.

We, sisters Sharon Ashlin and Pauline Roche were asking the same questions, and after much talking, research, wine (for inspiration), travelling (well we had to check out the locations!), Me Time Experiences was born.

Our slogan – journeys for the heart, mind and soul is not just a throw-away line to go with the logo. It’s how we approach each of our experiences. Will it make you happy? Tick. Will it provide the opportunity for growth, learning or a new experience? Tick. Will you have fun, laugh and feel revitalized and renewed? Tick. Oh and of course – will there be great wine, food, accommodation and locations? Tick

Our workshops and events are run by people who share our same philosophy and passion for their gift. They love what they do! We love what we do! And that combination translates into a really special experience for participants.

So come and join us for one of our workshops, retreats or events. We’d love to have you. And if we haven’t offered what you are interested in, let us know what Me Time Experience you would like and we’ll see what we can do.

Pauline and Sharon