Sausage Sizzle Bliss

I was working at my son’s AFL sausage sizzle the other night during his training. It’s a happy place – kid’s kicking footys, parents chatting as they watch their kids on the field, the warmth of the BBQ and the smell of onion and sausage drawing the crowds on this wintery August evening.
Young kids practising their good manners and addition skills. “Two sausages on bread with sauce please. Is that enough money? Oh, I get change, um can I have a drink too? Is that enough money?” You get the picture!For the littlies it’s all about trying to put the sauce on the sausage themselves and undoubtedly spilling it all over themselves, the table, the kid next to them, anywhere really except the sausage, then biting into said sausage and repeating the above exercise. “Oh well,” say the parents. This is dinner tonight, no cooking and cleaning up, so what’s a little sauce on a shirt.”“Yeah,”say the kids, this is my favourite dinner for the week and not a vegetable in sight,” – they rarely choose the onion option. So why do I love it? Because there is a real sense of connectedness, community. We all love footy, or at least we love that our kids love footy, we’re talking not texting, everyone jumps in to help out, it’s a school night and we’re out late and it feels a bit naughty. Even though training is finished and the kids have gobbled down their sausages, they’re still kicking the footy. And we don’t stop them. We stand at our cars chatting as we put the sausage sizzle gear in out boots, knowing that once we get in, it’s back to that “other life” – the homework, the chores, the everyday. Until next week anyway or the game on Saturday when this little community comes to life again. I feel a bit spoilt on these Wednesday nights as I leave this community and head to one of my other happy places (taking the onion and sausage smell with me) – choir! Have you found your community/happy place, where you get to share what you love with a group that gets it? There’s nothing quite like it to make the heart and soul sizzle (pun intended).

Pauline x

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